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If you need COVID-19 staff training for any of your business operations in Georgia,

Unified Standards has you covered. 

Whether you have 5 employees or 5,000, our easy-to-use platform is the most efficient method to ensure your staff and patrons are safer in the current, uncertain climate.

Readily updated, sector-specific training programs are available for as low as $49 per person.

Funding for this program may also become available through the CARES Act with your local municipality.  

Each course has 4 major components.

​*Updated materials to comply with Governor Kemp's executive orders & required mandates.

*Relevant CDC guidelines for occupational and personal safety

* A brief quiz.

*A certificate of completion. 




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Register your business with Unified Standards to obtain login codes for your staff. (If training is sponsored by your county, a local chamber of commerce, or other professional organization, obtain your code from that entity.)

Distribute the codes to your team. Each member of your staff is now able to login to the training platform using the pre-registered code.

Using any web-enabled device, each staff member will complete the training program, and then receive a certificate of completion. We encourage businesses to maintain a record of these confirmations.

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